The Great Taco Shell Debate

Before you say anything, no I don’t mean hard or soft taco shells! This is not that sort of debate. My boyfriend and I decided to have tacos for dinner one evening. Now in this particular instance, we had everything we needed except for the taco shells. So off to the supermarket to grab what we needed off the shelf. Now one would think this would be a simple process, but it didn’t turn out to be. We stood in the aisle for what seemed like ages debating over the various options that were in front of us as we found ourselves boarded by multiple items at varying prices.

Let me first give you some background. For those not aware, I am allergic to gluten and dairy (which already limits the option of wheat based soft taco shells). I have also always been very pro brand name items. Sometimes the thought of a supermarket home brand makes me want to hide slightly at the checkout or if I’m buying an item to take along to a group event I’ll stick with a branded item.  However, back to the tacos.

To keep things simple, the below were the options we were faced with:

  • Brand name taco shells $3.20
  • Supermarket brand taco shells $2.40
  • Brand name soft tortillas $4.45
  • Brand name soft tortillas (alternative brand) $3.80

The big question was, how much did we want to spend? I immediately ruled out the most expensive soft tacos (no way did we need to spend that much for what we intended to be a cheap meal). I suddenly felt myself leaning towards the supermarket branded shells, but there was something holding me back… I sometimes find I feel guilty when I buy generic items as opposed to a name brand. The main reason being is that I feel the brand names innovate and develop new products and the store bands just ‘knock them off’ at a lower price driving the brand names out of business. Giving this more thought, I suppose this is true to an extent but not in every situation. There are certain gluten and dairy free items that I’ve only ever seen as a store brand. Maybe I’m overthinking it?

Perhaps there are times when it is prudent to buy a name brand item and other times where a supermarket label is more than sufficient. Maybe it depends on the item meaning it isn’t such a black and white yay or nay to supermarket brands.

Back to the taco debate, we decided on the supermarket brand taco shells. The cheapest option for what turned out to be exactly the same product. I personally noticed no difference between those and the name brand and my partner thought the supermarket branded version was actually better. Go figure.

How do you feel about supermarket bands vs. brand names?