Use Things

Over the years I have been given things and bought things that I have never used, but kept. The reason being is that I thought that these items were ‘too good to use’. I didn’t want to use them up, wear them out or get them dirty. Which seems ridiculous when you really think about it. Things are designed to be used, not to just sit there on a shelf gathering dust. If an item has a purpose it seems prudent t make the most of that purpose. However as a result of my previous attitude, I have many items in my home that I never got to enjoy. Some sadly never saw the light of day.

Let me explain further, when I was younger I was really into stationary and in particular those colourful gel pens that came in all colours and were quite expensive. Well, the majority of the time I was too scared to use them because I was afraid they would run out and I wouldn’t have any anymore. As a result I never got any enjoyment out of those ‘special’ pens. When I was going through my stationary cupboard I found said pens which I hadn’t seen for many years. But to my horror, most of them had dried up and were no longer usable at all. I’d saved them all these years for nothing. Moreover, they never served their purpose and all they ended up doing was taking up valuable space in my home. I try to let go of the guilt I feel for wasting my possessions. But it’s something that happened but I intend to learn from this experience.

Don’t let the same thing happen to you, if you have items you like then use them and let them serve their purpose and bring you joy. If not, let them go and let someone else have enjoyment out of those objects. This concept applied to many other items in my life as well and still does today. Sometimes I buy a new top and then find I’m afraid to wear it because I’ll get it dirty. But if I never wear it then there’s no point to having it at all because it isn’t serving a purpose. In a sense, it just becomes clutter.

Use things, things are made to be used. Most things shouldn’t be saved for a rainy day and if they are you might find that sometimes their best years are behind them. There are times when it’s important to just live in the moment and make the most out of what you have. My colourful gel ink pens essentially just became waste, don’t let the same thing happen to items in your home.

This is where minimalism really comes into my journey, I donate things that are in perfect condition because I know I won’t use them. Even if things are classified as ‘still good’ but you have no need for them, give them to your local charity store or sell them online. Give these sorts of items a second lease of life and let them go as part of your minimalist journey.

Do you have items you are afraid to use? Can you use them or let them go?