Small Frugal Wins – The Birthday Card

My boyfriend and I try to live fairly frugally. We aim to find the best deals and we both get a real buzz out of finding a bargain (when it’s something we need of course and not just a bargain for the sake of buying because something is cheap). We both really enjoy sharing small ‘frugal wins’ with one another and seems to motivate us to search out more good deals and gradually save money here and there.

Recently, it was my birthday and whilst this might seem strange to some we had an interesting conversation around the card he gave me. For starters, he definitely couldn’t have picked out a more perfect card for me if he tried- it had a picture of an alpaca on the front which is great because I’m obsessed with alpacas (don’t ask me why I just think they’re cute). Anyway, I raved on about this card for a little while because who would have thought he could have found one that was such a perfect match for me.

As a bit of background, choosing cards is something I really don’t enjoy. You stand there for ages looking and reading the messages inside. You find one you like but then the message is a bit on the lame side so you put that back and then you find one that’s actually half decent but turns out it’s actually a ‘good’ $5.95 card that you really can’t justify. Someone else comes along and stands too close to you and you both stand there awkwardly looking at cards secretly wishing the other would just pick one and go away. You put back the $5.95 card and quietly shuffle over to the $1 card section where some seem a bit on the flimsy side but you continue to stand there and look. A after a while of standing there you get frustrated and just pick whichever one your hand grabs first even though the corner of the card is a bit on the bent side.

Anyway, I digress from the point. So my boyfriend found this card for me and not only was it a great card, it only cost 75 cents. Most gift givers don’t tell the receiver how much their gift cost but in our case, this made me even happier and we continued to chat about what an even better find that made this birthday card.

Some people might read this and think this is a somewhat unusual topic to write about, but my point is that this is a small frugal win and small frugal wins deserve to be celebrated. Whilst the cost saving in the moment might appear to be small and insignificant, over time those dollars and cents gradually add up which translates into big savings. As a result, I have a tendency to pay attention to the little things, the finer details and the cents.

What are some of your small frugal wins?