Starting Easy

On your minimalism/de-cluttering journey, it’s important to start easy. Starting with the easy items makes the process seem less daunting and gives you some motivation because you can see progress. Starting with emotional items will only cause you to become frustrated and disheartened by the whole process.

The below is a list of the top ten easiest things I ever removed, start here and you won’t be sorry.

1.Clothing that you don’t love. 

If you don’t love it and feel fabulous in it, get rid of it.

2. Surplus kitchen items

I had three egg separators…why did I have three?? I don’t even use them to separate eggs, I use the shells.

3. Jewellery from an ex

No idea why I kept this for so long, I couldn’t wait to get rid of it in the end. Why hold onto bad memories?

4. Shoes that hurt

We all have  a pair of shoes we really like but never wear because they hurt. Just get rid of them, life it too short for blisters.

5. Underwear that you would embarrassed to be seen in

There are times wen I’ve been unlucky and ended up with an unexpected hospital visit. If you have underwear that you don’t want seen by even medical professionals, it’s time they left your underwear drawer.

6. Old socks

Those annoying socks that don’t stay up anymore that are super irritation, let them go.

7. Books you don’t like

So many people refuse to let go of books and I’m one of them. But we all have titles in our library we don’t like, won’t read again and never have the intention of reading even tough we say we will. Get rid of any books that fall into this category.

8. Old magazines

There is no reason to keep these, donate them to your doctors office or hair salon, they will be grateful for them.

9. Old/expired medicines

Anything you no longer need or is well past its expiration date, (check the offer the service first) but take these to your local pharmacy for proper disposal.

10. Pens

Sit down in front of T.V. with a notepad and all the pens in your house, test them out to see which ones work and which don’t. When I did this, about half of mine were no good, an relatively relaxing task for after work one day!


Do you have any other ideas of easy items to get rid of?