New Year’s Resolutions

Now that we’re halfway through January discussions of new year’s resolutions is something that comes up not about who’s setting them but who’s actually still sticking with theirs. I thought this might be an interesting topic of conversation, but why you might ask? Well, because I won’t set a new years resolution, ever.

Post Christmas discussion quite frequently revolve around who’s making a new year’s resolution and what that might be. But the reason I won’t set a resolution is simple. When I decide to do something it’s not because the year is changing, but because I want to. Why wait until the new year if there’s something you really want to do? Isn’t it best to just get on with it and start something now? I am a firm believer that a new year isn’t a good motivator for accomplishing a task. People who really want something will go for it regardless of the date because they want it that badly.

As a side note, some might notice that I started this blog in the new year and if you are one of those people I’ll have you know it’s a complete coincidence. It was never my new year’s resolution, I just reached a point and decided I was ready so I jumped. Basing a life altering decision on a calendar change isn’t always the best idea. If you make a resolution and then fail early on, that can be disheartening for the rest of the year because you may think you’ve already failed, it didn’t work out so that’s that. It can propel negative thoughts and be a de-motivator for future plans or goals.

A better mind set is to just do something that you really want to do, if it doesn’t work out the first time so be it just got for it again. But there is a different mentality behind this where I believe you can try and fail without it impacting on your mental outlook for the rest of the year.  I like to think of it as a healthier approach to achieving goals.

Motivation comes from within, not a calendar. If you want something, then go for it.

How do you feel about new year resolutions?